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  • Vicki Ruskin I have had lyphedema in my arm for 18 years and have kept it well under control even through 3 infections. In November I was knocked down and fell on that arm and seem to have also developed tennis elbow which I feel provides constant irritation. I have tried icing and Aleve and did 3 weeks of lymph massage with a PT while wearing a circaid as many hours as I could bear. The lower arm came down a bit, upper went up. I cannot wear the Jobst sleeves I bought in early November and most days have to switch from an old sleeve to a very light sleeve. I can't get new sleeves because the swelling isn't stable. Some days are better than others but most days the arm swells more as the day goes on. Does anyone have helpful suggestions?
    Feb 21

  • Darcia Bird I developed the onset of lymphedema in November 1973, although it was not diagnosed until 1985. There is no cure for the condition, however, through the Veteran's Administration Medical Center, here in Vermont, I can say that I have received and am still receiving the most up to date management treatments that are available. I do admit that as I age, it becomes more difficult to keep up with home treatments. And as the condition progresses, I find I have many more limitations. I look forward to sharing with this community, and finding out what works for others.
    Feb 20