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  • Pam Howard Hi everyone! Let me first say that my love and prayers go out to everyone suffering from this horrible condition ( or whatever doctors want to call it
    June 17, 2016

  • Cathy Stelzleni Hi, thank you for the welcome. I am glad I found this site, as I do not get much information or care from any of my physicians. I had a surgery called a hemipelvectomy, in 2004. I had a rare bone cancer in my left pelvis and hip, which were amputated. My leg is held in place by scar tissue. I cannot walk, except with crutches or a walker. I had no problems until this year, with lymphedema. I cannot understand why, after 14 years, my leg decided to swell? I tried PT with a certified lymphedma specialist, but found a compression machine and leg sleeve on Amazon. Physical Therapy began to get expensive, and all they did was use a compression machine and a short, light massage. I have been using the compression machine every day for a half hour. I have only had it for 2 weeks and do not see any improvement yet. I am sure that all of my lymph glands were removed. I am looking forward to learning of your experiences and getting to know you. Thank you.
    May 18