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Burning Questions

  • Hello everyone.  I am so pleased to see this community created.  So much info I've gotten so far has been in the category of ... well, I would think that ...  So here are my burning yet unanswered to my satisfaction questions in the hope that some of you might know something or have experience.

    1)  What about accupuncture?  Does that fall under the no puncture rule?  On 'Ask the Expert" on one doctor said that she WOULD THINK THAT accupuncture should be avoided.  Anyone have any better info?

    2) Nepal is where my spirit lives and the idea that I might never be able to go to my mountains again has made my heart ache.   So how bad realy is the pain at elevation ?  I'd like to be able to stay at 3,900 m  (2.4 miles high) for two weeks.  The brochures says that adjusting to Denver at 1,600 m could be painful with lymphedema.  So, I WOULD THINK THAT double that would be a bad idea.  I'd of course bandage and self-massage.  Has anyone had any rea life experience at elevation?

    3) How strongly should I advocate for myself on the no puncture rule?  Is it a good idea or something that should be strictly adhered to?  I have lymphedema in both arms (double mastectomy and radiation) and my port is pooping out.  Is it really necessary to have blood drawn from my foot?  I'm part of a clinical trial that requires monthly blood draws.  Should I just have the blood drawn from the less involved arm?  I'd hate to drop out of the trial but I WOULD THINK THAT that's a lot of pokes. 

    Any advise, wisdom, experience, sources will be much appreciated.  Of course I'd also like to see other 'I would think that' questions. 

    Namaste, Ann

  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Hi Ann, I'm Tina from Lymphland International ( and content editor of lymphedema magazine.

    You have lymphedema in both arms so I would definitely avoid accupuncture, the risk of the needles prick tho very small because...  more
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  • Ann Ketter
    Ann Ketter Thanks for the quick response. Planes are pressurized so we have to wear our garmets but it's different then my question re: visiting at elevation. I was afraid that was the answer re:accupuncture. The blood draw location is one of policy. In my...  more
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    Deleted Member Thanks, Tom. Great advice. Talked with my surgeon today who had a good idea ... I should try to plan a visit to Pike's Peak first to see how I'm affected at that elevation.
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