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  • Hi all,  I have lymphedema of the left arm/hand due to breast cancer surgery.  I have had swelling for 6 years and can't seem to get it under controll.  I know it is because I'm horrible at doing the things I am supposed to do to manage it.  I'm interested in finding out any other methods of controlling lymphedema other than wrapping/bandaging.  I am not compliant with that method as I get very frustrated with it. I seem to wrap either too tight or too loose and have to do it all over again.  Those of you that wrap know how annoying this can be!  It is uncomfortable and I can't do anything once I am bandaged.   I often wear a compression sleeve but that is not enough. This condition makes me angry,sad and frustrated!!   I'd be extremely grateful for any suggestions.  I've contemplated a pump but don't really know enough about them.  Please help! 

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    Deleted Member Thank you for the info Tracey. I saw a therapist when this first started. I have seen her on and off over 6 years. The one issue I have is my insuance. I saw her 3 times recently for an hour session each time. It cost me $600! I can't afford that...  more
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  • Jill Nelson
    Jill Nelson Hopefully you are doing self-massage and recommended exercises for your arm. Consistent self-care is how you will keep it under control.

    I agree w/ Tracey, the traditional pumps are not recommended. Have you looked into the FlexiTouch? It more...  more
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    Deleted Member If you feel the gauntlet is pushing the fluid into your fingers, then maybe you should try a glove that provides compression to the fingers as well. Try looking into certified fitters in your area. You can contact the compression garment companies, such...  more
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    Deleted Member Hi;
    My name is Frank, and my wife has left arm lymphadema, had it for a couple of years. I see that there are negative feedback on pumps, but what are they? My wife uses the pump as well as night bandaging and compression garments during the day. She...  more
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