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LE and pregnancy?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have primary LE in both legs and have since childhood. I didn't have any second opinions on treatment of my LE until I was 33 and pregnant and anticipating a serious increase in my swelling. I actually managed the pregnancy fairly well with compression garments and manual lymph drainage massage or use of a graduated compression machine for multiple treatments/day. Now, 2 years after having the baby, my LE is certainly worse, but my weight is also still high. I am about 25 lbs overweight and definitely feel that the weight is part of why my LE is worse now. I'm working on losing the weight, but am fearful that an additional pregnancy would further worsen the LE in my legs and possibly prompt it to spread to my upper body (especially in the event of C-Section).

    Anyone have any experience or know of any research about this?

    Thanks! Grateful for this community!!

    Jennifer Kramer

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  • Jennifer Brooks
    Jennifer Brooks Hi Jennifer,

    While I can't cite a specific research study or article, I think you're very correct in most of your assumptions. I have treated several women before, during and after pregnancy for both primary and secondary...  more
    May 15, 2009 - Report