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Welcome to Lymphedema!


    Dear Member

    Greetings to our growing community of lymphedema-focused professionals, patients, and industry partners! It is with great excitement that we launch this most unique and timely website with the aim of uniting us all in one destination where we can connect, support, and learn from each other. We created this social networking site for all of you who expend your energies on a daily basis to manage either your own lymphedema or that of another, yet find support to be limited and resources to be spread thinly over great geographic distances.

    Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new website is the unlimited potential to allow its evolution to be guided by its members. As the website gains in membership, we invite you to contribute suggestions, form groups, and share personal, professional, and organizational information with all or some of our members with the ulimate goal of advancing important lymphedema-related causes.

    Some suggested goals for include:

    • Provide a destination for people with lymphedema to offer information and support to each other
    • Provide a mechanism for people with lymphedema to seek responsible advice and support from licensed clinicians
    • Provide a destination where Certified Lymphedema Therapists can exchange clinical suggestions or post anonymous patient case histories in order to receive helpful suggestions (restricted to clinicians only)
    • Provide a place where Certified Lymphedema Therapists can address difficult patient cases directly with Clinical Instructors and faculty members of respected institutions (restricted to clinicians only)
    • Provide a forum for Clinical Instructors and faculty members to post regular blogs on a variety of topics related to successful administration of CDT, etc. (restricted to clinicians only)
    • Provide the powerful benefits of social networking to industry organizations to faciliate connection with members of the lymphedema community
    • Provide manufacturers and distributors of responsible treament products with access to a relevant audience

    The potential is indeed unlimited! Please take a moment to create your account and watch this most exciting lymphedema website transform into an indispensible resource for our community. Thank you for taking the time to support us all with your energy, enthusiasm, advice, and dedication to our shared goal of making life with lymphedema ever better for people in need.


    Steve Norton


  • Carol Chin
    Carol Chin I am so glad that your vision has included this site. For those of us practicing alone it is hard and support and an areana to express and share is greatly needed. It will help me not feel so alone sometimes even though you have been a quick phone call awa
    April 14, 2009 - Report
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member For therapists who want to stay informed of the latest development in lymphedema research, there is a non-profit organization called “Enhancement Inc.” that holds Lymphedema conferences annually. The next one is in November.

    For power-point notes...  more
    June 1, 2009 - delete
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Hi, my name is Micky and I recently registered as a student to become a CLT. My current licensures are PTA and MT. I live in MA and work at a hospital and a SNF and want to ask if anyone knows if once I am certified is it in the scope of practice to do a...  more
    August 4, 2009 - delete
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Hello, I am desperately seeking a lymphedema therapist in Upper Marlboro, MD. I went to the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Lymphedema Center and the doctor indicated that my Dad needs treatment 5x/week. The distance is too far for him to travel as he...  more
    August 10, 2009 - delete