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A HINT to avoid one cold leg at night.

  • I have a solution tor those who have one-leg Lymphedema to keep the normal leg at about the same temperature at night as the one that is wrapped.

    I insert the Lymphedema-side leg of a pair of pajamas (or sweats, Pilates pants or other) down the inside of the normal-side pajama leg. Of course, that makes the pajama bottom have only half a waiste band. So I have made a waist band connector out of a one inch wide elastic that goes around the other half of my waist and two of those mitten clips that I got at JoAnn Fabrics. You could also use a garter type clip. Since I also wear a compressive panty garment I am covered for modesty.  I also wear a warm sock on that foot. It has made a big difference in how comfortable I am at night because my legs are both the same temperature.

    I would like to see a Category for HINTS. Let's share our solutions as well as our questions.  AnneR