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Tired of fighting ith insurance.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed on 2005 with brast cancer.  I developed lymphodema 1 year later.  Ihave been through therapy 2 times now.  Someone suggested the flexi touch.I had a demo and it really worked.It is to gard to give yourself areally goodmassage.  My insurance will not cover it and Ihave to fight and try to get them topay for it.  At first they wuold not let me get the therapy and they approved after 4 months of fighting. Has anyone had this problem.Let me kno what you did to over come allthe red tape.

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  • John Gross
    John Gross Be thankful you have insurance. I have been self pay for years. If you go to hospitals and explain your situation they will work with you. I have lymphedema in both my legs and my abdomin
    from a pump. You can learn self message or go to a Lymphedema...  more
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    Deleted Member Hi Dianna, how are you? My name is Jennifer Hovatter-A friend of mine and I have started a lymphedema support group and have started a foundation in memory of my dear husband Thomas. We have many fundraisers to try to raise funds for compression garments...  more
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