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My lymphedema story

  • HI Everyone!  I just wanted to say hello and share a little about my story.  I am a 24 year old female with primary lymphedema.  I was diagnosed when I was 11 after a battery of various tests.  My lymphedema is in my left lower extremity, starting in my toes and ending right below my knee.  When I was first diagnosed, the doctors said there was nothing that could be done to treat the condition.  Last year, I started advocating for myself and found a wonderful lymphedma occupational therapist who has taught me so much about the condition.  I have lost cups of fluid out of my leg and cannot believe how much smaller my leg is.  I can even wear boots now!  I have yet to meet another individual with lymphedmea and was hoping to make some friends to share stories/experiences with on this site.  Does anyone have a similar experience? Or want to share any stories or tips?

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  • Allyson  Hannah
    Allyson Hannah Hello! I was born with lymphedema in my left leg. I've recently started a blog that you can check out if you want here: Let me know if you would like to connect!!
    August 18, 2015 - Report