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Truncal LE wear poolside and for boating

  • I have LE in my right arm, half of my right back and all down my trunk. I can handle the arm and back, but the trunk hurts all the time from the swelling, and I am already in stage 3 compression. My question is what do you wear to keep your trunk compressed when you are at the pool but sitting out of the water for awhile? I also do some boating with my family, and I hurt unless the boat stops and I can jump in the water. This has been part of my family since I can remember, and I hate letting it go if I can find anything that works. Currently, I wear a Miracle Suit for Compression, add a compression swim top, and wear a life jacket tightly if I am in the boat. Any compression ideas that would free me from staying in the water all the time? Thanks!  less - See more at: