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my fight

  •  im rafael i have lyphedema  brought on by being extremely obese . i have always been overweight  and for the most part lived a normal life until 2008 when i started gaining more weight than ever. As an adult my weight has fluctuated from 400- 500lbs  I'm 6ft tall . Believe it or not i stayed very active and lived a good quality of life . I loved to eat and drink alcohol like a fish( ). In time i became a alcoholic and my activity level decreased and my weight sky rocketed to 830 lbs by july 27 2011 ,which was when i was hospitalized with a leg infection and diagnosed with Lyphedema .both of my thighs swelled up very bad i was probly carrying 30 lbs on each sack. walking was a chore and wearing shoes was impossible . To make a long story short I sobered up quick overcame alcoholism then started to eat healthy . no more fast food . i started preparing my own meals . from july 2011- sept 2012 i lost 75 lbs  my weight was 753. i was very disappointed in my self but knew that i had to to keep fighting. on ...     - See more at: