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Lymphatic Massages

  • When we end up going to physical therapy (especially as a result of needing wound care for our lymphedema), we are taught how to do self manual lymphedema drainage massage techniques; however, they are never seeming as effective as the physical therapist doing them.

    In the last year or so, with the popping up all these massage places like MASSAGE HEIGHTS and MASSAGE ENVY, I have discovered that I can have more affordable massages given at $39.00/hr versus upwards of $110/hr or more through physical therapy locations or day spa/resort areas.  Their massage therapists are actually trained in lymphatic massage therapy too. ... and I can get more bang for my buck.... I can then afford 2-3 massages at MASSAGE HEIGHTS or MASSAGE ENVY in comparison to the one at other locations.

    Of course insurance companies often cover this when you are under the care of the physical therapist; however if you aren't directly under a physical therapist care at the time and/or you don't seem to have any insurance at this time, this can certainly facilitate your progress in lymphedema instead of allowing your lymphedema condition get so bad that you have to go back for more wound care and/or physical therapy.

    Just a thought I thought I'd pass along that has helped me at times.


    I just, in fact, went to one tonight.  She applied a little deeper massage (but not too deep) on my back and shoulders to help my shoulder recovery from an auto accident, manipulate the nerve pinches in my lower back, and applied lymphedema therapy on my legs.  It was wonderful, felt 2 inches taller afterwards, and walked around with very little of a limp.  If I could afford to go to her every day, I would; but I am doing it once every 3-4 weeks for now for maintenance and keep my lymphedema from increasing.


  • Kathryn Krastin
    Kathryn Krastin Hee hee... well, it's been good to me so far. Just throwing the idea out there for others to consider as well --- especially if they don't have insurance options to consider and/or if their insurance options have been used up.
    January 24, 2010 - Report
  • Danielle Jarvis
    Danielle Jarvis I am a PT who went to a well-respected Massage therapy school and learned 'lymphatic massage' among my trining. I wouldn't use it becasue I didn't feel comfortable with what they taught me. Good thing, too - after becoming a certified lymphedema...  more
    February 10, 2010 - Report
  • Kathryn Krastin
    Kathryn Krastin Oh, I hear ya, Danielle. Sometimes cost is a factor (especially for those not with health insurance) and sometimes, too, something is better than nothing. I have a MLD DVD too that provides instruction and tips so that I can learn better to do it to...  more
    February 10, 2010 - Report
  • Molly Miller
    Molly Miller I am a physical therapist that has just started the on-line course for lymphedema, planning to complete the hands-on portion in October. I am already amazed at what these therapists learn. I have been a massage therapist for 20 yrs, went to PTA school,...  more
    January 2, 2011 - 1 likes this - Report