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Hi Everyone

  • I am 42 years old and have been living with primary lymphedema in my lower extremities since I was about 12 or 13 years old. I do what I can to keep it under control and I keep a positive attitude about it...there could be worse things I could have.  Don't get me wrong...I hate it, its humiliating and it has held me back from so many things in my life.  I am happy to have been introduced to this site as it's always good to hear what is working for other people...I'm always happy to share what helps me and I am always interested in any new information or treatments.  Thanks for creating a place for us!!!

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    Deleted Member welcome Charlene. As a LE therapist it will be good to hear what has worked for you and what has not. This blog can be a great link. We are a small rural clinic and a site like this will be positive. What is your number 1 , can't live without part of...  more
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  • Charlene Schroeder
    Charlene Schroeder Surgical stockings all the time!!! I have a sequential compression machine and I do bandaging...I can get the swelling down pretty well but have trouble softening up the hard tissue.
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    Deleted Member Hi Charlene,

    I think I may be able to help with the hard tissue issue you have.
    My LE is in both lower legs and the skin on my big and second toes, especially, would get hard and sort of crusty. I tried all kinds of lotions but nothing seemed to even...  more
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