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What a difference a year makes

  • A post to my profile reminded me that I should post a brief update from the last year.  My original questions on how/when to wear my garments - I figured out a good routine that I used for most of 2019.  I wore my Juzo glove and sleeve for most all waking hours, and used a softer arthritis glove and a quilted night compression sleeve for sleeping.  I used these tools daily until November of '19.  

    By that time, my hand was essentially back to normal, only swelling briefly with exercise or heavy lifting.  My arm reached a phase where it didn't seem to change much at all.  I stopped wearing my glove entirely and now only wear my sleeve on occasion.  I'm also wearing my night garments pretty infrequently.  

    With my hand looking great, my arm (wrist to elbow, around the surgical area) remains somewhat "puffy", and slightly misshapen.  My thought is that's situation normal for me from here on out, and truthfully...I'm pretty lucky.  The skin graft area will continue to mature and smooth with time, but I believe the arm itself will keep it's current "lumpy/bumpy" shape due to the damage from the accident.  I'll continue to wear my sleeve occasionally on "puffy" days or when the arm feels extra stiff.