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What gestures we make us women, sexy


    I've always been in search of "quelque Chose" ... and still are! That is why I documented ... I'm especially conditioned by a medical problem as well as some of you!
    So I kinda discovered things about what we do, sexy!
    Self-esteem is also called "invisible secret dress"
    Social interaction - and liberating laughter listening senses
    Lust for life - what is soul champagne
    Sexual Skills - to be sexy is not to look sexy
    To show your feminist side - "I am a woman that is so good!" - but in this chapter there is not a pattern of femininity, just do things that represent you and you accept yourself first, as you are !

  • Michele E.
    Michele E. Love this topic, you go Cosmina! Though not a gesture - the ability to communicate is super sexy. The key to communication is that the receiver understands the transmission as originally intended. It shows poise, confidence, self esteem. And when you...  more
    June 10, 2011 - Report
  • Steve Norton
    Steve Norton Cosmina, I ma trying to chat with you. I don't think you are seeing my comments. I don't ant you to think I am ignoring you.
    June 10, 2011 - Report