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Will You Lose the Right to Sue a Drug Company When You’ve Been

  • Prescription drugs, according to the American Medical Association, are the 4th leading cause of American death behind only heart disease, cancer, and stroke. They are killing more people in the U.S. and Canada every year than were lost in the entire Vietnam War.

    Why? What will it take to stop this unacceptable loss of life?I’m not exactly certain, but one absolute requirement will be a major awakening of the people of this land, one that makes investing in our health a greater priority and leads more people to “just say no” to expensive drugs that fail to produce real solutions.

    Vast numbers of us will have to understand that our health is a gift and that we have the privilege, the power, and the responsibility to nurture it through lifestyle and health care choices that support our self-healing design.

    We must also become crystal clear that neither health nor “magic” disease cures will ever come from a pill. That idea is an illusion based in our western “atomistic” (health is achieved by the treating of separate body parts) worldview. It’s also a violation of the “holistic” understanding of the chaotic subtlety of living systems, wherein nobody will ever be able to control the unforeseen side-effects of medication.