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  • Pearl Land An MD at my local hospital wound center diagnosed me with lymphedema 1 month ago. However, my determatologist insists there are at least 5 types and mine is related to a heart valve problem I have had for 7 years but did not know the exact "cardio" name for it. My heart MD says the leg and foot swelling are from taking coumadin (blood thinner) for 7 years. Any idea why it took me more than 14 months to get a doctor to evens diagnose my condition and now I am getting conflicting diagnoses? I don't know where to go next. My family physician is of little help. from Perl Land email :
    November 1, 2019

  • Vicki Joice I'm so thankful for this community for lymphodema survivors...I've been dealing with mine now since last summer post surgery 3 weeks for breast cancer. I have it in my dominate hand and arm...Stinks!! I'm managing ok. I'm considering LVBS (surgery). I'm suppose to go back for a follow up with Dr. Lui in Illinois at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to reassess my progress since my last Herceptin infusion in June '18. I've had all tests which at the time Dec.'17 my Dr. said I was a candidate. Now that several months have passed since my last treatment and I'm seeing reduced swelling overall, I am having second thoughts about going through with such an invasive surgery. There is no guarentee that Dr. Lui can improve anymore than what I am seeing now.! So confused! I just wish I knew how great the percentage (for me) to have the LVBS ....
    September 20, 2018