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Lymphedema Treatment Act Update--September 2012

  • Lymphedema Treatment Act Update:
    Going into the August recess our cosponsor count was 89. Although members of Congress and their staff still receive and review your letters, during recess new cosponsors cannot be officially added so I have no updated total for you.  Remember that persistence is the key to success when it comes to Congress, so please write again if you have not done so recently.  To send your letter to Congress visit 
    Last month we launched a campaign asking the Department of Health and Human Services to use their influence and authority to help us improve lymphedema treatment coverage. It is a simple submission form with template letter provided, so we hope those who have not yet done so will contact HHS in the near future.  To send your letter to HHS visit   
    And finally, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Jennifer Hovatter, one of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group Board members. Jennifer lost her husband Thomas at the young age of 43 to a fatal infection, which was a complication of his untreated lymphedema. With proper insurance coverage his death could have been prevented. In Thomas’ memory Jennifer has created a petition at to help raise more awareness and support for our cause.  To read and sign Jennifer’s petition visit 
    Thanks for your support,
    Heather Ferguson