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Lymphedema Bill Update 11/16/10

  • Dear HR 4662 Supporters,

    Due to Congress having been on recess, and everyone’s attention being focused on campaigning before that, it had been some time since we’d picked up more cosponsors.  But yesterday was Congress’s first day back to work and we gained four new cosponsors in one day! 

    They are Wm. Lacy Clay (MO-1), Peter DeFazio (OR-4), Stephen Lynch (MA-9) and Adam Schiff (CA-29).   Your emails and phone calls are what make this happen so please keep after your Representative – everything you need is at,2.

    I’d also like to clarify that the “My Lymphedema Story” campaign is not only for patients.  We also need stories from caregivers, health care workers or anyone who has a story to tell about how Lymphedema has impacted their life.  Instructions for submitting your story are also at,2.

    Tis’ the season for shopping and giving so if you or someone you know would like to show your support of the Lymphedema Treatment Act remember you can purchase pins through the National Lymphedema Network at  And now you can also get a variety of Lymphedema Treatment Act merchandise through Café Press at

    And lastly, I want to share with you something that I think is really incredible and will surely make you smile.  The “TwizBots” are a 6th grade Lego team in Minnesota.  The Lego team challenge for 2010 is: “…to explore the cutting-edge world of Biomedical Engineering to discover innovative ways to repair injuries; overcome illnesses and disabilities; and build healthier, stronger bodies.”   They chose Lymphedema for their project, and while doing research found out about HR 4662 through our website.  I encourage you to visit their site at and see what these amazing kids are up to and how they are helping to support our bill!

    Heather Ferguson