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December 9, 2010 Update


    Since my last update we’ve picked up one more cosponsor – Congressman Lewis (GA-5) – bringing our total to 58.


    If you have not yet sent a note of thanks to Congressman Kissell for his work on HR 4662 this year, and his pledge to reintroduce the bill next year, please do so as soon as possible.


    Send your correspondence to:

    Congressman Larry Kissell

    RE: HR 4662, the Lymphedema Treatment Act

    512 Cannon HOB

    Washington, DC 20515


    And during the month of December I am asking that you write President Obama!  Each day 10 citizen letters are selected and given to the President.  You can watch a short video about this here -


    The clip is very helpful in illustrating how the letters are sorted and the type of letters that are chosen.  It would appear that very personal is best.  Just include something to the effect of “There is a lymphedema bill currently in Congress (HR 4662) which will be reintroduced next year, and if passed would vastly improve the lives of millions Americans with this disease, all while saving Medicare hundreds of millions of dollars annually by avoiding preventable complications.”


    Your letter should be sent to:

    The White House

    President Barack Obama
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500


    Once you draft your letter you could easily send it multiple days, during December and beyond, increasing our chances.  Who knows what kind of profound effect it could have if even just one letter gets through!



    Heather Ferguson,


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