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Lymphedema Treatment Act

  • We need your help spreading the word about the Lymphedema Treatment Act!

    To assist you in doing so we would be happy to send you information cards to distribute to your doctor’s office, treatment center, garment fitter, support group, family and friends, church, etc.  Just contact us at with an estimate of how many you can hand out and your mailing address.

    And I would like to alert all patients about the new National Lymphatic Disease and Lymphedema Registry which can be accessed through  This registry is a confidential database that contains information about individuals who carry the diagnosis of a lymphatic disease or of lymphedema. "This comprehensive registry will serve as a repository of information that will enhance the future ability of health care professionals to accurately identify, categorize, treat and prevent these diseases."  - taken from the Lymphatic Research Foundation website.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions and I hope to hear from many of you requesting information cards.

    Heather Ferguson