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Exhausted With Lymphadeema

  • Just wondering if anyone else out there is exhausted from constantly dealing with Lymmphadeema. I am doing a good job at 

    keeping up with treatment, but , I get fustrated trying to keep up. Besides the expense , I meen the work !     ??  

  • Gayle Yimoyines
    Gayle Yimoyines I've been dealing with it for almost 20 years and there are times when I've wondered if it is worth all the time and effort. I am also exhausted, I'm angry,and I still ask why me. I wish it were different, I wish life could be easier, I wish I never...  more
    May 15, 2009 - Report
  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller Hello all. I've had LE in my left leg since 1967, the year I graduated from high school. It is a hard row to hoe, and it does change your life and more than just a bit. I've worn the stockings and tried the pumps and the massages. Only this month have I...  more
    May 16, 2009 - Report
  • Laura Evarts
    Laura Evarts All things worth having are worth working for, including and especially good health!! I have been through years of hard work controlling lymphedema and caring for my legs. My husband has sacrificed a good deal of time helping me to obtain that goal. ...  more
    May 20, 2009 - Report
  • Carole Touzalin
    Carole Touzalin It is exhausting both physically and emotionally. I have worked with a number of therapista over the past few years and it is hard to keep up with the schedule and the exercises. I also feel SO let down when therapy works for awhle and then returns to a...  more
    June 21, 2009 - Report