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No help!

  • I have had lymphedema in my legs for over two years now and can't walk- it was almost a year before I knew what it was!   Now I have cellulitis and two open wounds on top of that!   I have no health insurance and I am told that I have too much money (ha ha what a joke) for medicaid.   I am trying to find a wound care nurse to come and help with the care of the open wounds because I don't know if I am treating them properly - they are not going away or getting smaller even.  I do have somewhere to go after I get that fixed for the wrapping of the lymphedema - Advanced Therapy Concepts is very reasonably price for the wrapping!

  • Jenny Sterner
    Jenny Sterner Hi Karen: Not sure who is telling you that your wounds and swelling cannot be treated together but in fact, the opposite is true. The first thing you MUST do is get rid of the cellulitis. Are you on an antibiotic? Is it working? If not, an...  more
    April 27, 2009 - Report
  • Jennifer Kramer
    Jennifer Kramer Ugh--sounds awful. Sorry you're suffering with this! I also have LE in both legs--in 2 words, it stinks. I'm with the other ladies responding--sounds like you need to treat both. Is there a therapist trained in manual lymph drainage in your area? Maybe...  more
    April 28, 2009 - Report
  • Susan Hughes
    Susan Hughes you should be applying for MEDICARE, not medicaid. They will ask for dr. reports from your treating physicians and make a determination as to whether you are unable to work due to disability. You can count on getting rejected 3 times, that's routine, ...  more
    June 5, 2009 - Report
  • Susan Hughes
    Susan Hughes oh and something else. That cellulitis you have can be deadly. I had 7 surgeries on my left knee between 2004 and 2007. I had 3 failed replacements a correction in bone length, and 2 to get all the staph infection out when i developed cellulitis. I...  more
    June 5, 2009 - Report