• What do y'all think about creating a You Tube video where we have folks taking a cam picture of each of us dancing in our surroundings--and, then someone editing these together to form one You Tube video to the tune of something about "can dance" and/or "can live" and posting it as an awareness video.

    Each person can also make a statement -- something like "I want a cure for Lymphedema so I can dance!!" and then dance away. :) 

    Just something silly -- and to make people think... what is lymphedema? why are they concerned about dancing? etc.

    What do y'all think???


  • Jenny Sterner
    Jenny Sterner Interesting idea, Kat, but I suppose we'd all have to be in the same place to pull this off??
    And there are lots of Youtube videos out there already about lymphedema.

    January 23, 2010
  • Kathryn Krastin
    Kathryn Krastin Actually, with a bit of editing software (like I just got) we could loop it all together... )
    January 23, 2010
  • Michelle Wyse
    Michelle Wyse I think its a great idea! What a creative idea to boost awareness. That will definately make someone stop to think. : )
    July 24, 2010