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  • Sue Kenyon How do you know the amount of compression you need, I've just had a PT tell me I need to up my compression to 30-40 and use a flat stocking. I was in 20-30 Median sheer and comfort thigh high stockings. I just had a lymph node transfer and a bypass if that matters in the compression choice. I tried the Median forte in 30-40, and I can't keep them from rolling down my thigh and they're like impossible to put on. I worked up quite a sweat!!  
    August 24, 2016

  • Janice G Hello everyone. I'm Janice. I have lymphedema in my legs. I keep it well controlled with MLD, pumping and wrapping nightly. I have recently seen a surgeon about getting the lymphnode transfer surgery. Has anyone here had it? Tips, ideas???
    December 7, 2021