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  • night sleeve

    I didn't know I had so much to say. Does anyone know of a good night sleeve that is reasonable priced. The ones I have seen online are so high in price. It just might be the nature of the beast, but thought I would give a try here.  
  • ads for sleeves

    Just throwing out one of my observations.  I am looking online for a new sleeve. Don't you just love the models of the compression sleeves with their skinny little arms that look more like anorexia then someone with lymphedema?--just saying.
  • lymphedema a speed bump

      Just found this site. "Bar fight gone bad on a Saturday night" is my usual response when someone asks about my thickly wrapped arm. Easier then explaining breast cancer, the removal of lymph nodes, lymphphatic  fluid and such. Besides it gets a smile sideways and a guess if that is the ...