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  • margaret webb I am 60 years young. About 4 years ago I started to walk more. I was up to a mile a day. Then I got a blood clot in my left leg. Doctor has no idea how I got it. After a few months it went away but both my legs started to swell. The doctor sent me a vein specialist. I was told the blood was flowing the wrong way in my veins. Had six months of shots in both legs. Finally, my doctor sent me to another doctor and said I had lympo in both legs. I started looking for local support but I couldn't find any thing. I found this website just last week. Anyone that wants to share, talk, vent I am here, as much as I can be (LOL). I really do care even if it just on line. Thanks for listening.
    Sep 14

  • Harriett Richard Got a spider or misquisto bite this past weekend. No fever but 3 bites on lymphedema arm and one on other arm. Fortunately-swollen lymph node, unfortunately-left arm is swollen. Using Benadryl & cortisone cream. The bite area circles are beginning to harden. I plan on calling my regular dr today. Sometime soon because they really itch!!!! Any suggestions?????#itreallyitches #ihopetofeelbettertomorrow #lymphedema #hardening
    Oct 8

  • lorenzo johnson thank you nice to meet everyone
    Oct 31