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  • Anna Ensley Has anyone on here had lyohedema surgery? (Lymphovenous anastomoses). I’m wondering what your post-surgery plan was. Did you have bed rest? Did you do stretch bandages for a few weeks? Or let it be without wraps to keep things flowing? Did you have a good result? How many connections did they make? My son just had the surgery, but they don’t do many of them at the children’s hospital where he is and I want to make sure we do the right post surgery care when I take him home. His biggest issue is his feet.
    Jul 30

  • Preeti Singal Hello everyone, I recently completed CDT/MLD program from Norton School. If you know anybody looking for CDT/MLD therapist to help them, please feel free to contact me. I live near Princeton Hospital, NJ. My contact # is 609-610-9620 & e-mail Referrals are appreciated. Thanks.
    December 9, 2011