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  • Micki Groves I am finding that many people are saying their lymphedema went away after awhile. That is not what we were taught so now I am having hope that I wont be stuck with this forever. Has anyone else found that they no longer need their compression garments, after years of needing them?
    May 9

  • Brenna M. Hi sorry for my delay responding! Immediately after the surgery, the swelling in my leg went down significantly all over and stayed down while I was still wearing bandages (the first 3ish months).  Now that I've gone back to a compression garment and normal routine, my leg will still swell, but not as much, and also decreases much faster and responds to bandages and pump. I'm going back for another surgery in March. I'm going to do liposuction in the leg from thigh to calf to help the fluid pass easier through the tissues (by removing the hardened and fattier tissues from the disease), and to even out the swelling.  Has anyone on here tried liposuction to help or know someone who has? Thanks!
    November 29, 2015