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  • Vicki Joice I'm so thankful for this community for lymphodema survivors...I've been dealing with mine now since last summer post surgery 3 weeks for breast cancer. I have it in my dominate hand and arm...Stinks!! I'm managing ok. I'm considering LVBS (surgery). I'm suppose to go back for a follow up with Dr. Lui in Illinois at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to reassess my progress since my last Herceptin infusion in June '18. I've had all tests which at the time Dec.'17 my Dr. said I was a candidate. Now that several months have passed since my last treatment and I'm seeing reduced swelling overall, I am having second thoughts about going through with such an invasive surgery. There is no guarentee that Dr. Lui can improve anymore than what I am seeing now.! So confused! I just wish I knew how great the percentage (for me) to have the LVBS ....
    Sep 20

  • lynn maynard Does anyone in the Boston area know where I may go to spend time observing a lymphedema session or eval?  I work in home care and am the only CLT in my agency.  I graduated from the Norton program last month.  It would be wonderful to see the strategies in practice.  My company is excited to be able to offer this to out patients.
    October 25, 2016

  • Rosalie A Hello . I have lymphedema in both legs . I have developed some severe discoloration on the skin on top of my feet . It's almost as if the melanin no longer dissipates . I Scrub and scrub nothing happens Anyone have any clue how to deal with this
    Sep 16

  • Sandy Thompson My Medicare wants me to do well check ups , mammograms,& other things to stay well.such as flu shoots. So when will Medicare realize we need compression wear to stay healthy.
    Sep 20