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  • Harriett Richard
    Harriett Richard Got a spider or misquisto bite this past weekend. No fever but 3 bites on lymphedema arm and one on other arm. Fortunately-swollen lymph node, unfortunately-left arm is swollen. Using Benadryl & cortisone cream. The bite area circles are beginning to...  more
    • October 8, 2018
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    • Harriett Richard
      margaret webb I hope you feel better very soon
    • Harriett Richard
      margaret webb Any update on the bites? I am hoping you feel better.
    • Harriett Richard
      Harriett Richard Thanks for the concern, Margaret. The dr gave me two prescriptions one antibiotic the other is a cream to rub into the bites. He said to call tomorrow if no progress. But the area is no longer warm or so itchy. The lymph node under my arm appears to be...  more
  • Brenna M.
    Brenna M. wrote a new blog entry:
    • August 14, 2018
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    • Brenna M.
      Brenna M. Definitely try Dr. Chen - he's done more of the surgeries in the U.S. than any other doctor -
    • Brenna M.
      Harry Chait How old were you when the surgery was performed? was it covered by insurance or Medicare? Dr. Chen is in the Chicago. Do you live in Chicago?
    • Brenna M.
      Brenna M. Hi Harry, I was 31 when I had the first surgery. It was covered by insurance - although it was a process, which Dr. Chen's team was VERY helpful in navigating. Dr Chen is in Iowa, not Chicago. I don't live in Iowa or Chicago. I travelled for the surgery.
    • Brenna M.
      Amy Tramm Hi Brenna! Thank you for the encouraging post. I have gone from stage 1 to stage 2 and my oncologist has steered me away from surgical intervention for 10 years. I would love to hear an update! Did you decide to do the VLVT?
    • Brenna M.
      Brenna M. Hi Amy - happy to chat about if you want to shoot me an email.

      Im so glad I did the surgery. It stopped my leg from getting worse, but also decreased significantly in size. For many people with stage 1 or 2 it reverses the condition...  more
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    • January 25, 2017
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    • November 2, 2016
  • Jim Miller
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    • July 28, 2014
    • Jim Miller
      Sharon Vogel, CLT Hello, Mr. Miller, I came across your blog question which correlates to another blogger's similar question posed to Dr. Stanley Rockson of LE&RN:
  • Constance Miller
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    • December 4, 2013
  • Lympha Yogi
    Lympha Yogi shared Rosa Covarrubia's blog. Rosa, I am so glad that you found a treatment that has been working for you I just wanted to share that I also use a Flexitouch (wraps around my torso and then my entire left leg) and have had great results. They can be kinda expensive, but the...  more
    • January 2, 2013
  • Rosa Covarrubia
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    • October 4, 2012
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    • August 16, 2012